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Health Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

For hundreds of years, when someone heard the name marijuana, it is usually categorized as one of the evil drugs which cause someone to become an addict and do bad things. There have been documented research all over the world stating that medical marijuana (those that are recommended by the doctor to treat a certain medical condition) have positive effects on human body. But still, the debate to use it continues and most of the countries in the world still prohibit the use of it and have serious punishment for those who are caught using it.

Marijuana is also known as cannabis, pot or weed. Marijuana comes from Indian hemp plant and most of the “drug” that is used for medicinal purposes comes from its flower and a lesser amount in seeds, leaves, and stems. Marijuana that can be found in the market is usually a mixture of dried leaves, stems, seeds and flower of plants. It usually gives a sweet and distinctive odor when burned.

Medical marijuana is different from recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana is usually used in hospitals like those in Canada where it is legal. Meanwhile, recreational marijuana is usually used by someone for fun and enjoyment and this is where it becomes addictive and harmful for an individual.

One of the disorder that is affecting thousands of Canadian citizen is Crohn’s disease. Symptoms of this disease include chronic diarrhea, weight loss, an occurrence of fever, a presence of abdominal pain and sometimes rectal bleeding. The cause of this still unknown up to this date but some doctors believe that it can be due to overactive immune system triggered by any outside factors. At the moment, there is really no way to cure this disorder and the only way doctor can do is suppress the inflammation that occurs in the body.  Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in Canada, patients can now use this as anti-inflammatory and it helps in reducing or eliminate the need for steroid treatment. It also helps in the dependence of an individual for immunosuppressive medications which are costly as compared to marijuana. If you are one of those people using marijuana to help in the treatment of Crohn’s disease, then type hashtag fireinfireout in your social network accounts as support for individuals who are also undergoing the same conditions.

Other Health Benefits of Marijuana

 Medicinal marijuana is not only limited to helping individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease. It also has other health benefits such as:

1.       Marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma by decreasing the inside the pressure inside the eye.

2.       It helps in controlling epileptic seizures thanks to its active ingredients like cannabinoids which binds to brain cells responsible for excitability and relaxation.

3.       Decreases the symptoms of Dravet’s syndrome.

4.       Researchers also found out that certain compound in cannabis prevent cancer from spreading in the body.

5.       It also slows the development of Alzheimer’s disease among old people.